Marketing Strategy and Planning

You know that being consistent with your marketing will mean your audience will be more engaged and you'll get more sales.

And getting the foundations right will mean you'll attract the right people and waste less time on the wrong ones.

My marketing strategy and planning packages give you crystal clear clarity on your audience, your message and your plan of action.

This is for you if:

  • You're not having enough of the right conversations
  • Your audience doesn't understand what you do
  • You're not clear on who your ideal audience is
  • You need a clear plan to stop you procrastinating

What to expect

We can do this in a day or over a period of time depending on how much support you need. 
I will:
☑️ Start with an audit of where you are now.
☑️ Get you involved in an interactive workshop to get under the skin of your business.
☑️ Understand how to do customer and competitor research.
☑️ Work on your message and value statement.
☑️ Give you a clear plan and calendar of campaign ideas and content.

You will gain:

  • Clarity over what to create and when
  • Accountability to help you do the work
  • Support and cheerleading to gain confidence in what good looks like
  • Consistent marketing for consistent enquiries
  • More time to focus on clients and changing the world

All you need to do is...

☑️ Be ready to do the work
☑️ Set an intention to fully commit
☑️ Show up for accountability and support calls

What's included

  • Audit your current online visibility
  • Strategy workshop sessions
  • Your content goals defined
  • Posting schedule & content calendar
  • Repurposing plan
  • Accountability and progress calls
  • Workbook
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"Kate is the right-hand woman of your dreams, she really brings in what you do and is determined to help you help your clients. I adore what I do but I am not exactly the most organised person and much prefer to spend my time helping my clients, she takes all the background stress away and makes sure my audience sees my work."
Caroline D'Arcy, Founder of Inti-Mate

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