Overcoming Marketing Procrastination: The Culprits and Solutions

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Get out of your marketing rut

You've got the brilliant ideas, a deep understanding of your target audience, and a clear vision of your marketing strategy. Yet, somehow, the execution is lagging.

You blame time but we all know that’s not the only reason.

As the weeks turn into months, the realization hits – your marketing progress is at a standstill. In six months, the impact will be undeniable – leads will dry up, and your sphere of influence will dwindle. The question is, what's holding you back?

Procrastination and Perfection: The Usual Suspects

Enter procrastination and perfection, the classic roadblocks that frequently sabotage the best-laid plans. Procrastination, the art of delaying tasks despite knowing the negative consequences, is a persistent companion in these situations.

Sometimes, it's merely a need for a break, a signal from your mind and body to pause and rest. In other instances, it may stem from a misalignment of your tasks with your values or overarching vision. Fear, too, plays a significant role – fear of judgment, failure, or even success.

Perfectionism often acts as a shield, keeping things under wraps until they're 'just right' in your eyes. This avoidance, if left unchecked, becomes a habit, hindering any progress until the cycle is broken.

Breaking the Cycle: The Power of Accountability

Enter accountability, the antidote to procrastination. However, not all accountability is created equal; it's essential to tailor it to your personality type. Consider the four personality types discussed by Gretchin Rubin to better understand your needs.
For the rebels out there, traditional support might not cut it. You need the kind of accountability that kicks you into gear, the type that calls you out on your fears in a gentle yet firm manner. For instance, if fear paralyzes you from posting on LinkedIn, having someone else initially handle it while setting up a system for you to contribute content can be effective.
Financially inclined or seeking value for your investment? Enlist the help of a coach or mentor you're paying for – someone who brings experience, a solid action plan, joy, alignment, and challenges to the table.
The right support ensures you're focusing on your zone of genius, provides an outside voice to question decisions, and holds you accountable to follow through on actions.

What accountability does for your business

  • You have someone with the right experience guiding you towards the things that are important to your business. 1
  • You have a plan of action. This means a breakdown of exactly what you need to do to achieve what you want.
  • It feels aligned and true, it feels joyful and has the right energy behind it.
  • You’re focussing on your zone of genius.
  • You have an outside voice that is there to challenge you and question your decisions, to make sure they are in your best interests and that you’re not hiding.
  • Someone to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to try new things.
  • You have the right level of accountability. Someone who is expecting you to follow through on your actions.

Additional Tools to Combat Procrastination and Embrace Accountability

  • Journaling and Mindfulness: Become aware of your behaviors and identify patterns in your avoidance. Ask yourself why you turn to distractions. Are you avoiding the task due to fear, or is it simply out of alignment?
  • Create the Right Support: An accountability buddy or a peer support group can be invaluable. Ensure it's the right kind of support that motivates you toward your marketing goals.
  • Join a Co-working Session: Engage in online co-working groups using platforms like Focus Mate or join free productivity sessions hosted by organizations like DigiEnable. The presence of someone else during work can be a powerful motivator.
  • Time Management Tools: Utilize tools like Trello or Asana for goal-setting and planning. These tools allow you to set dates and reminders, providing structure and organization.


Remember, everyone's journey is unique, and finding the right combination of accountability tools and strategies is key. While some may thrive with digital tools, others may require the personal touch of a mentor or coach. Experiment with different approaches, stay mindful of your habits, and watch as your marketing efforts gain the momentum they deserve.

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