Sprint Session

If you have a particular challenge with your email marketing and simply need an expert eye to get you back on track, this package is for you.

These sessions will get you fired up and full of energy to tackle the thing that's been bugging you for ages!

I can help you if you...

  • Are struggling with knowing what platform to use
  • Don't know what to say so that people will want to read it
  • Want to make your email engaging and interesting
  • Want more clicks & to create more connection
  • Want more sales

You will get:

  • 90-minute Zoom call with me
  • Action Plan Workbook
  • Email contact for 1 month after the session to ask any questions
  • 15-minute follow-up call after 30 days to overcome any blockers

Total cost​: Only £300

Caroline D'Arcy.webp
"Kate is the right-hand woman of your dreams, she really brings in what you do and is determined to help you help your clients. I adore what I do but I am not exactly the most organised person and much prefer to spend my time helping my clients, she takes all the background stress away and makes sure my audience sees my work."
Caroline D'Arcy, Founder of Inti-Mate

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