How to make creating content super easy

Do you easily create videos, show up for your Lives or post your blogs weekly. but can't be arsed with the content creation that needs to happen week in week out to grow your audience and your business?

Well I'm hear to tell you that there is an easier way.

What if I gave you a list of at least 10 pieces of content you could create from your weekly video content. AT LEAST. Maybe more...

That means you can show up, do your video and know that your social media posts, your email newsletter and possibly even a podcast episode and promo photos were all sorted for the rest of the week! 

But why do I need to create content on top of my weekly video or Live?

It's no secret that content marketing is important.

Content marketing is the art of providing valuable informative content to your audience on a topic they want to know about, that answers a question or provides a solution to a problem they have. It builds trust and connection with your target audience, informs them that you have the knowledge they need and in turn boosts your ability to be found online for the things you are most knowledgeable about.

Love it or loath it, content marketing is a useful tool.

Doing a podcast, blog post or Live each week is deemed as your long form content, your core content or your pillar. This is the meaty stuff that can really connect with the audience.

The ongoing posting, newsletter and whatever other marketing you are doing is to reinforce your message, get found online by search engines and social media platforms and provides more visibility for you and you and your brand.

How much content do I need to create, or how often should I be posting?

This is down to two factors, how often do your audience want to hear from you and what resources have you got to create it.

Testing is the only way to know how often your audience want to hear from you, but make sure you measure for a few months before changing to something else, you need a good level of data to measure anything.

You could send your email newsletters weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

You could post twice a day or three times a week.

Every 'Expert' will give you a different answer.

It needs to feel good for you too. This is dependent on your time and resources. Do you have the time to post daily? Do you have the money to outsource?

There is no right or wrong answer.

Download my checklist for ideas on how to turn one video into a ream of content for your marketing. Making content marketing super easy and giving you back time spent wondering what to post.
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