How to grow your email subscriber list

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Now you have a newsletter how do you get subscribers to send it to

You’ve got over the first hurdle of getting your email set up, created a lead magnet, done a welcome sequence, created a nice newsletter template and sorted a fab new form on your website to get people signed up.

But now you need to grow your list.

Your aim should be to grow your list with genuinely authentic contacts, not a load of crap that is going to unsubscribe as soon as they have their freebie.

Authentic business practices take time, there is no quick win. Those that tell you otherwise are sacrificing long term trust for growth.

So ask yourself do you want an audience that will still be with you in five or even ten years’ time? Or do you want sales now?

If it’s the latter, you’re in the wrong place. There are plenty of people doing this in the market.

If you’re in it for the long run and your ethics run deep, stay with me.

It's a bit like losing weight or learning to run. Steady incremental growth that lasts is more important than fast results that aren’t sustainable.

And the most important ingredient in the recipe is TRUST.

So here is a nice simple list of ways to grow your list...authentically.

Offer value

Might seem obvious but give give give is the key to building trust.

Find out what your audience's key challenge is then answer that in a way that allows them to solve their problem with a free download, PDF, webinar, checklist etc. They are always going to need help to implement it so you're not losing money by giving them the answer.

There is an argument that offering a lead magnet isn’t the way to go because you will attract those that come for the freebie then unsubscribe straight away.

But in the early days of building your list and your reputation, it works. After a while you won’t need the lead magnet because you’ll have built up the trust and credibility over time and your audience will then follow you to the end of the earth no matter what you do.

Having more than one lead magnet for each stage of the buyer journey also gives people more touch points to join your list.

And of course, distributing high quality content on your social media, within Facebook Groups, sites like Reddit, will also attract people to your list for more of the same.

Tell people about your list A LOT

There are several ways to promote your list but get into the habit of telling people you have one in the first place.

Post about it, do social ads, collect emails at events, direct people to it when you're networking, add it to your email footer, and add it to the footer of all your blog pages.

Make your sign up form super enticing

Check out this video and go 23 minutes into the video where Joe gives the best tips on how to make a signup form super enticing.
The main points are to tell people:
  1. Exactly what they will get from signing up i.e. Sign up for daily hits of inspiration and motivation to keep you going, Learn a new skill with my weekly how-to videos.
  2. How often they will receive emails i.e. daily hit of inspiration, weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
  3. How many are signed up already, the social proof – once you have a decent number you can communicate this as a reason to trust it’s good. i.e. join the 1000s of subscribers getting my daily tips.
  4. How to sign up – an interesting call to action i.e. ‘Sign Me Up!’ ‘Get me on that list’ ‘Yes Please’ ‘Add me to the list'

Piggyback off other audiences

#Whether it be through paid ads on other people's newsletters, guest blogs, or featuring on podcasts. Partnerships and collabs are one of the most powerful ways to grow your network.

Find people who share the same audience as you. If you’re a confidence coach for mums getting back into work then you could join forces with a recruitment agent who specialises in finding part-time roles for mums.

Or if you’re a content strategist who helps coaches you could collab with a content writer who also helps coaches.

Merge the offline to the online

Think about where you are directing people when you're meeting them face to face.
What is the next logical step for that person, and how can you make it as easy as possible to find you and join your list?
Ideas include:
  1. Putting a QR code onto your business cards for people to go directly to your sign up form.
  2. Add the same QR code to flyers you give out at events
  3. Have the link to your sign up form saved in the notes of your phone, and ask people if they would like to be added to your list. Then do it there and then with them.
  4. Follow up with everyone you meet and send them the link.
  5. When in Zoom meetings add the link in the chat.
This is a simple list to get you started.
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