Sometimes outsourcing your content to a digital marketing freelancer can be the most effective and efficient option for your business. Not only does it give you back those precious moments you spend twiddling with Canva and wanting to throw your laptop or phone out of the window, but it also puts it into the hands of an experienced marketer who can lead your content so that it's doing the job it's supposed to do...grow your business. 

But I don't want to lose my voice by outsourcing my content creation

I know from speaking to many business owners that their biggest blocker to outsourcing is letting go and feeling like they will lose that authentic voice. But I assure you that my service is about retaining that authenticity and connection with the audience. I focus on the strategy and the repurposing, so you can still do the writing or I can capture the words using video or voice notes.

What to expect from outsourcing your content marketing?

This is more than batch content creation... With me, you are getting a strategic content marketing aid. Someone who can work with you to guide you on your monthly content calendar based on what your clients want and need. I provide the reporting and analysis to know what is working, and the strategy to change what is not. I am the organised and structured content creator that makes sure you never miss a posting and opportunity to reach a client.

Why outsource your content marketing?

Work with me if...

You are an established coach, consultant, practitioner or fitness trainer

You are confident in creating video content

You are the face of your brand

You want consistent content but hate the tech and time it takes to manage it 

You are in a rut with your social media, you need to break the habit and try something new

You are someone who is not organised or structured

You need help with what to create

You have loads of ideas but feel a bit all over the place

You don't know what is working and what isn't


How it works

1. We start with a two-hour kick-off session to talk brand, goals and objectives

2. I put together a strategy of content, posting schedule and calendar

3. You go Live with your weekly or monthly video content/ or you write your blog

4. I re-purpose your video or blog content into a series of graphics, carousels, audio clips, video clips etc

6. All you have to do is post your new graphics on your social platforms and engage with your audience

7. I measure the results and analyse what works

8. We meet monthly to discuss what's working and realign the strategy


This is not for you if...

You are not interested in planning ahead 

You are looking for cheap shortcuts to distribute your content

You are looking for someone to take over your social media engagement

You're looking for a copywriter 

You don't believe content brings in revenue

Your business is damaging the planet or people


I worked in what is called 'full mix' marketing roles for nearly 15 years, where I gained experience in everything from events, print, advertising, email, social media and content marketing.


After I had my twins in 2016 I went back to work, but instead of going back to managing the marketing for three divisions in a large global tech company, I went back part-time as a Content Marketing Manager. And I absolutely loved it! I had finally found my niche.


After years of being a jack of all trades and getting frustrated at being a master of only a few, it was refreshing, to say the least. This was no small job mind, this company created a LOT of content. As a global company with hundreds of experts all writing blogs at a rate of Notts, I had a big job to manage the content calendar, work out what content we needed to create versus what we could repurpose, and then manage the process of creating that content. 


Sometimes I would create the content myself using design tools, which I'm a dab hand at, or working with agencies, designers, copywriters, videographers or digital marketing teams to get the job done.

Now I have taken all these skills to support business owners that really make a difference to our world.  I love supporting experts to do their thing, impacting lives and allowing them to shine while reaching the people that need their help the most.

What my clients say

"Kate is the right-hand woman of your dreams, she really brings in what you do and is determined to help you help your clients. I adore what I do but I am not exactly the most organised person and much prefer to spend my time helping my clients, she takes all the background stress away and makes sure my audience sees my work."

Caroline D'Arcy, Founder of Inti-Mate

"Working with Kate has meant that I have been able to stop myself from worrying about what I cant do and just pass it to someone that I know can! I have also been able to have a sounding board for my crazy ideas which helps when you are working on your own. "

Helen Fenton, Owner of Orange Bloom Yoga