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New message and clear nurture strategy results in sold out retreat and happy clients

JK is the founder of Where the Mind Grows, a coaching business helping individuals and teams to expand in work and life 

Delivered in and inspired by nature.

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The Situation

JK is a passionate and creative leader and the challenge she had was that her message wasn’t landing with her audience. JK wants to tell everyone ALL the information in one go, because she's so excited and passionate about what she does! JK runs 1:1 coaching, group coaching and retreats to individuals and businesses out in nature.

There were multiple messages to different audiences that needing to be broken down.

Two core things for us to look at included:

• Her messaging
• Her customer journey

These two things were affecting her retreat sign ups and the nurturing of her audience to keep them engaged. JK had launched her email newsletter but the strategy behind the customer journey following the sign up was confusing for the audience.

What we did

JK booked a series of 1:1 sessions with me. We went back to basics and broke down the needs, wants and desires of her audiences.

Then we looked at the retreat and we broke down everything the person attended got from that experience both in terms of the transformation and outcome as well as the value that JK provides.

From here we were able to create a clear and concise message for her retreat page that spoke more directly to the audience.

Then we moved onto her email sign up process and we created a flow that the different audiences take once they sign up. This way we could take them on a journey and tell them a story, rather than throwing the book at them in the first welcome email.

The outcome

  • This led to an immediate response from social media activity, the first post JK put out there with her new and improved message got three people on the waiting list immediately.
  • JK went on to fill the retreat, selling out all cabins.
  • A succinct welcome and engagement email flow resulted in one attendee commenting on how helpful the bitesize information was.
  • Email click through rate has improved from that first welcome email, as people are less overwhelmed and are interested to find out more and engage.
  • We added a waitlist or expression of interest light box to her website with a supported nurturing email sequence which supports marketing for 2024.
To find out more about JK's 2024 retreat click here.
“Kate is massively knowledgeable in what she does and is able to explain everything to me in a clear way without overwhelming or talking jargon. She prepares for every session filling me with confidence that we are going to get the best out of our time together. I get clear tangible actions out of every session and the accountability check ins mean I can’t get away with not doing the work.”
JK McQuinn, Founder of Where The Mind Grows