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My story

Hi, I'm Kate and I'm passionate about empowering values driven business owners with the knowledge to do honest marketing that builds good foundations for growth, and gets the best results.

My Journey to Helping Small Businesses Thrive

After 15 years working in corporate B2B marketing, I decided it was time for a change. When my twins were born in 2016, I knew I needed to find a better work-life balance that would allow me to be there for my growing family.

I set out to help small business owners who were focused on doing good - for people or the planet. This new path meant I needed to learn how to market myself and my services. The increased visibility and vulnerability that came with working for myself presented new mindset challenges.

But an even bigger learning curve was acquiring all the different skills needed to run my own business. I quickly realised that in addition to marketing, I also needed to become proficient in sales, customer service, accounting, and operations.

What fuels me is helping overwhelmed business owners make sense of the often conflicting marketing advice online. My goal is to cut through the BS and provide tailored, impartial guidance based on nearly 20 years of experience. Because every business is unique, each one requires a customized approach.

As a seasoned generalist marketer, I’ve worked with companies large and small across various industries. I’ve seen firsthand what effective marketing looks like. But sometimes marketing isn’t actually the key - it’s identifying and addressing other areas holding the business back.

My diverse background allows me to take a holistic view and recommend solutions to help small businesses overcome obstacles and thrive. I'm passionate about bringing a human touch to marketing through ethical, relationship-based approaches. If you're looking for marketing guidance customised to your business's specific needs, I'd love to connect!

My Values


Life is complicated enough! I work hard to explain complicated marketing jargon, demystify marketing BS and help unblock what's holding you back from achieving your marketing goals.

Lifelong Learner

To approach everything with an open heart and mind. To ask loads of questions, always be learning and coming up with unique solutions.

Community first

Compassion and connection are at the heart of everything we do. Bringing people together, giving, sharing and creating safe spaces. Everyone is welcome here.

Do the right thing

To do good business for good businesses, to not compromise people or planet in the comms I create or the businesses I work with. To recommend ethical marketing practices and abide by the Ethical Move pledge.


To be a consistent and accountable presence, so that you are able to always show up for your clients.

The personal bit

One of my clients often calls me a 'calming presence' in her life. My friends say I'm quiet but thoughtful. The way I see it, I only speak when I have something useful to say, for the rest of the time I'm listening. I love adventure, visiting new places, being outside, nature, yoga, meditation, spirituality, good coffee, good food, good wine, reading and I'm a personal development & psychology enthusiast. I grew on the Wirral but I now live in Chorley with my other half and our eight-year-old twins, who are the source of so many laughs and tears in equal measure.

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