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About me

Kate is an independent ethical marketing and content strategist that works with purpose-driven coaching businesses to get crystal clear on who their audience is and how to reach them in the most natural and simple way.

More about me

Kate is a born problem solver and lives to help her clients get past the blockers that are stopping them from achieving their marketing goals so they can have greater success in creating conversation and connections.

Since starting her own business Kate has been on a journey of pushing herself through her comfort zones to be more visible and create a consistent message that allows her to attract the right clients.

Kate is passionate about not overcomplicating things, human connection, community and doing the right thing.

After I having twins in 2016 she went back to work, but instead of going back to managing the marketing for three divisions in a large global tech company, she went back part-time as a Content Marketing Manager. 

This was no small job mind, this company created a LOT of content. As a global company with hundreds of experts all writing blogs at a rate of Notts, it was a big job to manage the content calendar, work out what content we needed to create versus what could be repurposed and then manage the process of creating that content. 

Kate's background is in design so she is a dab hand at at creating images and videos, or working with agencies, designers, copywriters, videographers or digital marketing teams to get the job done.

Kate graduated from UCLAN with a BA (HONS) in Industrial Design, worked in Marketing since 2006 and is a CIM qualified Marketer and a Digital Mums Social Media Management Graduate.

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My Values


Life is complicated enough! We work hard to explain complicated marketing jargon and help unblock what's holding you back from achieving your marketing goals.

Lifelong Learner

To approach everything with an open heart and mind. To ask loads of questions, always be learning and coming up with unique solutions.

Community first

Compassion and connection are at the heart of everything we do. Bringing people together, giving, sharing and creating safe spaces. Everyone is welcome here.

Do the right thing

To do good business for good businesses, to not compromise people or planet in the comms I create or the businesses I work with. To recommend ethical marketing practices and abide by the Ethical Move pledge.


To be a consistent and accountable presence, so that you are able to always show up for your clients.

The personal bit

One of my clients often calls me a 'calming presence' in her life. My friends say I'm quiet but thoughtful. The way I see it, I only speak when I have something useful to say, for the rest of the time I'm listening. I love nature, walking, yoga, meditation, spirituality, good coffee, good food, good wine and I'm a personal development enthusiast. I now live in Chorley with my other half and our six-year-old twins, who are the source of so many laughs and tears in equal measure. But I'm originally from the Wirral so listen our for the scouse that comes out in my accent.

Want to know more about me, listen to podcasts I've been on or get the free masterclasses I've delivered click here.

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