I pride myself on my ability to get stuff done. I believe in authenticity, being creative, and always striving for the best outcomes. When you work with me, expect collaboration, conscientiousness and consistency.

I've worked in both B2B and B2C marketing disciplines over the last decade. Over this time I have refined and honed the skills I love. Content Marketing and Social Media have been my obsession for the most part, having recently graduated from the Digital Mums Social Media Management course and spent the last few years of my day job focusing on Content Marketing Strategy.

My other number one love is design, I am passionate about good design. Good design can make or break any marketing campaign and I love to be creative.

The personal bit

A bit about me, so you know what to expect, I'm a calm and conscientious presence, I love yoga and meditation and spending time with people that have a positive presence in the world. I have three year old twins, who are the source of so much laughs and tears in equal measure. I love good coffee, good food and good gin all in that order. I'm originally from the Wirral but I've been living in Salford for over ten years.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more detailed work experience info.