5 reasons to start an email newsletter

Email marketing is going nowhere fast, someone described it to me this week as the thing that won’t die 😄.

It’s true though.

Lots of people rely on their inboxes to be the number one place to receive the reliable info they want.

It’s delivered directly to them.

It’s information that they signed up for and want.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a huge list and appeal to everyone to have a successful email list.

The ones that are drawn to you, that like you, that trust you, that you share the same interests and values with you…will be the ones that sign up and devour every word you write.

These are your true fans, your tribe, your ideal audience.

And these are the only people you need in your life.

If you’re here reading this then you’ve not yet started your email newsletter, but you’re thinking about it.

You think it sounds like a good idea but you don’t want to add to the noise that’s already out there, clogging people inboxes with more dross…true I don’t want you to do this either.

Maybe you think what you have to say is boring, or nothing new, or nothing that someone else hasn’t already said. I also don’t want you to be this person either.

Or maybe your worries are more about the tech side of stuff. What platform? What are GDPR rules? How do I get people on my list? How do I set up a form thingmajig on my website and how the hell do I write a good landing page for my lead magnet…wait what the F is a lead magnet?

The reasons why you haven't launched your newsletter

There’s loads of reasons why you’re put off by the whole process.

But the thing is…

Email is an undervalued tool and one that can be used to build trust with your audience.

If you’re not using email as a part of your marketing strategy you’re missing a trick in my honest and humblest opinion.

Social media is great for getting people in the door, but what you do when they are in the shop is what creates the magic and nurtures that relationship.

5 reasons to launch your email newsletter

So, here a just five reasons to start your newsletter, I’m sure there are more I’ve not even thought about...

1. It gives people a place to come and find out more and to be alerted when you launch new stuff. Because they do want to buy your stuff.

By not having a newsletter you're doing your fans a disservice. 

They want all the free content you have to offer, as well as wanting to know about that new group coaching programme you're ready to launch.

2. You can build a community without relying on social media.

Social media algorithms are ever-changing, meaning it's getting more and more difficult to get your organic content seen. 

The platforms are pushing their paid ads to get you in front of your audience. Even using Groups means you must work harder to get those notifications noticed.

And what would happen if that platform disappeared or you got kicked out for, well having an opinion.

3. Your audience is your own, no one can take it away from you.

You're not relying on a third-party host such as Facebook to communicate with your audience. You own the list of people which means it won't disappear overnight.

4. You get to build long term authentic trust 

TRUST is the most important word for any service-based business. Once you've pulled your audience into your world, you have the opportunity to build trust, make connections and nurture relationships to turn them from fans to paying clients.

5. You can actually sell more on email than on social – fact 

"The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media." – McKinsey

Now I don't like to think of people as conversions. I'm all about relationships and trust-building so that once people know what you do and why you do it, they are more likely to buy from you. 

Email offers you the opportunity to do just that. 

So, have I convinced you it's a good idea to start your newsletter?

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