Hi, I'm Kate Clarke
Content Marketing for businesses whose mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place.


Are you someone who loves helping people, but hates promoting themselves?

Do you love creating in-depth, valuable videos, and blogs, but don’t have the confidence with getting it out there?

Are you exhausted wondering if what you are creating is good enough?

Are you dedicated to making the world a better place?

If you are the face of your brand and confident in creating videos and or blogs, I am here to help you, and your life-changing work, get seen by the people that need it!

It's my mission to use my skills for good and to work with businesses that are helping people and planet be healthier and happier.


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I provide a range of group programs throughout the year on specific needs. My Launch Your Newsletter course was a huge success last year. Get yourself on the waitlist for 2022.

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Do you spend hours procrastinating about whether your content is good enough?

My six-month programme is designed to give you kick ass confidence in creating and publishing content that connects to your audience.

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I worked in what is called 'full mix' marketing roles for nearly 15 years, where I gained experience in everything from events, print, advertising, email, social media and content marketing.


After I had my twins in 2016 I went back to work, but instead of going back to managing the marketing for three divisions in a large global tech company, I went back part-time as a Content Marketing Manager. And I absolutely loved it! I had finally found my niche.


After years of being a jack of all trades and getting frustrated at being a master of only a few, it was refreshing, to say the least. This was no small job mind, this company created a LOT of content. As a global company with hundreds of experts all writing blogs at a rate of Notts, I had a big job to manage the content calendar, work out what content we needed to create versus what we could repurpose and then manage the process of creating that content. 


Sometimes I would create the content myself using design tools, which I'm a dab hand at, or working with agencies, designers, copywriters, videographers or digital marketing teams to get the job done.

I'm a CIM qualified Marketer and a Digital Mums Social Media Management Graduate.

The personal bit

One of my clients often calls me a 'calming presence' in her life. My friends say I'm quiet but thoughtful. The way I see it, I only speak when I have something useful to say, for the rest of the time I'm listening. I love nature, walking, yoga and meditation (in the spiritual sense), good coffee, good food, good wine and I'm a self-help junkie. I now live in Chorley with my other half and our six-year-old twins, who are the source of so many laughs and tears in equal measure (the kids too). I grew up on the Wirral so I've got some weird soft scouse mixed with Lancashire accent.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for an up to date work history.


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